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Radical Uranus Takes on Steadfast Taurus

Taurus is the most immovable sign in the entire Zodiac, and when the sign of the Bull digs in its heels, nothing and no one can shift it! That is, until Uranus' powerful and strong-willed energy comes calling. So, you may find yourself having to hold on to your hat during this 8-year transit. Uranian energy can make for a whirlwind of a ride! Staying flexible and going with the flow is the best way to make the most of it.

Taurus is a fixed, earth and feminine sign that is primarily concerned with money and material security. However, this sign is conservative and slow to act as it mulls over all the options of any given situation. It won't move forward until its decision has been reached.

Taurus' deliberate action is in conflict with the Uranian way of being. Planet Uranus stands for radical action, freedom from restriction and the breaking down of established patterns. The location of Uranus in your own chart is where you may feel the repeated need to make changes to renew and refresh whichever aspect of your life it is influencing.

As with all planetary transits, we are affected by them both personally and universally. The last time Uranus visited Taurus was from the mid-1930's until the early 1940's. This was a pretty turbulent time in the world, with it encompassing the Great Depression and the Nazi invasion of Europe. The effects of the Great Depression resonated around the world and the subsequent unemployment resulted in new ways of dealing with wealth and poverty, such as government-initiated work programs and the introduction of Social Security.

What changes will the Uranus in Taurus transit bring out this time? First, I want to reiterate that Astrology is cyclical in nature and that nothing ever happens in isolation. Situations can arise and evolve over years, decades and centuries. Over the course of this transit, we confront issues and challenges around banking, the economy and resources that have been building for years.

Uranus in Taurus will challenge the old established order of financial institutions and wealth distribution. In recent decades, the rich have been getting richer, not just in the so-called Third World, but in the West as well. Many people have lost their jobs as powerful corporations have been allowed to expand in ways that have destabilized the job market. More and more of workforce is working on short-term contracts and for cash-in-hand jobs with no safety net for security. And uncertain economic situations together with certain political regimes have resulted in a mass migration of people risking their lives to traverse the globe in search of a better life.

In the areas of banking and big business, we may see new ideas and economic reforms. While I don't know what these changes will be, I am convinced they will be linked to the old established order being shocked into cleaning up their act. There may also be a gradual rise of women into the higher tiers of business, banking and politics, which will be a positive move. Taurus is a feminine sign after all!

Changes to these systems may be unsettling, but Uranus modifications typically turn out for the better. To tackle our problem, we need radical and innovative thinking coupled with a willingness to let go of old patterns and ways of doing things.

We are all used to using credit cards and have known that we are heading for a cashless society. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin launched in a flurry of publicity in 2009 seemed to disappear until recently. Suddenly it is in the news again — which is not at all surprising as it combines money (Taurus) with digital, alternative and virtual (Uranus) assets (Taurus). This kind of financing is likely to grow during this transit.

It is also possible that a new kind of "bartering" system will become popular again with people offering services or goods in exchange for other services or goods, thus bypassing the monetary system altogether. This kind of activity is already happening in some communities and serves to rekindle community spirit in the process.

As individuals, Uranus in Taurus can influence our attitude toward our personal and financial resources. It may become clear during this period that many of us have been spending above our means as we try to emulate the glitz and glamour thrust upon us by the media. It seems ludicrous that some people are famous and admired simply because they are wealthy.

Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, is also aligned with our values. You may not particularly notice any of the issues above but chances are that by the end of this period you will have changed fundamentally. Many of us will have let go of ideas and beliefs about ourselves, our world, our jobs and those in positions of power whose influence no longer seems to address our needs. Uranus is about originality, independence and awakenings and you may find that by letting go of the old and worn out, you embrace the innovative, inspirational and even in some cases the shocking!

I think this transit will lead us to a better place

Uranus in Taurus: May 15, 2018 — April 26, 2026

Revisits Aries: November 6 2018 — March 6 2019

Previews Gemini: July 7, 2025 — November 8, 2025