Following The Stars

Saturn in Aquarius and its Intertwined Relationship to Uranus

December 17, 2020 — March 7, 2023

Saturn's shift into Aquarius on December 17th was an important marker for the next few years. Traditionally, Saturn was considered to be the ruler of Aquarius although astrologers now consider Uranus to be an equally appropriate ruler for this sign as well. So, how did we end up with two planetary rulers of the sign of Aquarius? Well, mankind has been studying the stars for eons, but it has only been in more recent times — thanks to the increased capabilities of telescopes — that we have gained a more comprehensive view of the heavens. Until Uranus was discovered in 1781, Saturn was thought to be the most distant planet visible to the naked eye, which is why it is associated with limitations and boundaries.

In the 1820s, Uranus was assigned as co-ruler of Aquarius by several learned Astrologers. Aquarius is a fixed sign and therefore fosters stubbornness and a refusal to be challenged on its beliefs, but at the same time, it is also viewed as highly rebellious and unconventional in its manifestation. So, both Saturn, considered to be the more rigid of the two, and Uranus, viewed as unpredictable, bring important contributions to their rulership of Aquarius.

You are probably wondering why I'm writing about Uranus when this text is supposed to be about Saturn! That's because over the course of this year, these two planets will make three square aspects to one another with the first one on February 17, 2021. The second square occurs on June 14th and the third on December 24th. This is part of a powerful planetary cycle that began in 1988 and will not conclude until 2032.

As you have likely already deduced, the energies of these two planets are fundamentally different and can bring about a major degree of tension when they come into contact with one another. However, if used creatively, this tension can result in both ingenuity and invention. After the many trials of 2020, this is something we sorely need in both our own personal lives and the wider world we are part of.

Aquarius is the sign most associated with science, medicine, humanity and the collective. As I write this text, we already have vaccines for Covid-19 coming into play. Yet, with Saturn in Aquarius widely linked to Uranus for much of the year, further developments and advancement in our battle against the pandemic are likely to see the light of day. That is certainly an encouraging thought.

However, there are also negative associations with this pattern. Political extremism and authoritarianism are real possibilities. We can be guilty of exhibiting such behaviour or thought patterns in our own lives as well. It's worth reminding yourself that sometimes agreeing to disagree can be far more valuable than winning an argument and losing a friend!

On a more personal level, Saturn in Aquarius will mark its return for some of you. Those born between 1993-94 will experience your first Saturn return. Those in their late fifties, born between 1962-63, will experience their second Saturn return and anyone born in 1933-34 will be getting their third. Obviously, a Saturn Return manifests very differently depending on your age. (To discover more information about Saturn Returns, refer to my article on this site.)

Apart from its square to Uranus, Saturn makes a rather lonely journey through Aquarius over the next two years. It will be in opposition to Mars at the beginning of July and to the Sun at the start of August. It is in retrograde motion from May 23rd until October 11, 2021 and from June 4th — October 23, 2022.

These Saturn oppositions to both the Sun and Mars and the retrograde periods of Saturn are likely to make us feel like we are 'driving with the brakes on.' However, don't allow yourself to become disheartened. Instead, try to take a step back to see what can be improved upon in whatever area of your life is your main focus during those periods.

Additionally, Mars has a retrograde period in the sign of Gemini for seven months in 2022. Some of that time period promises to bring a rather productive and positive aspect to Saturn. When that time comes, I will let you know how this will play out for you!