Following The Stars

A Welcome Snapshot of 2021

I'm relieved to say that after studying the planetary patterns occurring in 2021, I can see that we should finally be able to catch our breath and gradually return to some sense of normalcy.

While we consider January 1st an important annual landmark of the calendar year, that doesn't mean that the planets do. There's a great deal of activity in January 2021 that marks the ending of one cycle and the start of another.

Pluto, the planet known as the Lord of the Underworld, has brought our attention to our misuse of energy and talents, and it hasn't been a pretty sight. While Pluto remains in Capricorn, it is now all alone since Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn and entered Aquarius mid-December 2020. Mars also moves out of Aries on January 6th, from where it has been goading Pluto, and into more peaceful and less volatile Taurus. Mars is weak in Taurus and the anger that was stirred up over the past 6 months should begin to recede, giving way to a more practical and level-headed atmosphere.

This past December's conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius remains a significant and momentous astrological landmark as it heralds a 20-year cycle that could bring about positive changes to the many upheavals of 2020. This conjunction remains in place until February when Jupiter, the faster moving planet overtakes Saturn. (I'll tell you more about this later.)

Throughout January a series of aspects will remind us that the cataclysmic events of 2020 are going to have far-reaching effects. The Sun meets Pluto on the 14th the same day that Uranus in Earthy Taurus turns direct. There may be disappointing news about the world economy which will obviously affect each country individually. In today's world, we're very connected economically and we may be reminded of this around this time.

On the 17th Jupiter makes an important aspect to Uranus, which is traditionally a pattern that marks the release of existing tension. This is augmented by Mars meeting Uranus, another dramatic portent of sudden unexpected events that may initially be disruptive but will ultimately work out well. As January draws to a close the Full Moon on the 28th opposes Jupiter and Saturn and also makes a square to Mars and Uranus. In my eyes, this activity marks the real end of 2020.

Mid-February on the 17th, Saturn and Uranus make the first of three-square aspects to one another that are set to happen this year. This second square between the two planets is on June 14th when Saturn is retrograde, and the final square is on December 24, 2021 when Uranus is retrograde.

The Planet Saturn is very happy in the fixed and airy sign of Aquarius. Uranus, which is in the fixed, stubborn and earthy sign of Taurus isn't as comfortable. However, this square pattern can manifest a kind of positive progress as Uranus incites innovation and Saturn ensures that the necessary foundations and rigor are honored. This progress is evident through the scientific and medical breakthroughs that have already begun and will continue to develop, helping us to fight this pandemic.

Starting in April, Pluto retrogrades for approximately five months, in May Saturn follows suit. Jupiter and Neptune both turn retrograde in June, and Uranus in August. From August through October all the outer planets are in retrograde motion. We may find that our plans slow down or even come to a halt during that period. We may also have to let go of some cherished dreams. However, just like during Mercury retrograde periods, this is a wonderful opportunity to stop and really be objective about what you can achieve and what you want to reach for in areas of your life. Going deep within can be incredibly valuable for you both practically and spiritually. It's worth remembering that when you feel stuck in any part of your life (as all of us are likely to feel under all this retrograde energy) that taking a step back to see how things are actually unfolding can provide you with an insightful perspective along with handy information and inspiration to help you proceed forward.

As 2021 comes to a close in December, all the planets (bar Uranus) turn direct and we head into our Eclipse season. As the planetary patterns will be far less stressful in 2021, we should be able to look towards 2022 with more hope and a lot more faith in mankind and our future. And that's a very welcome thought!