Following The Stars

The Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 2021

Eclipses tend to come along in pairs, and occasionally in threes, but always in line with the New and Full Moons. The Solar Eclipse occurs at the New Moon as the Moon moves to obscure the Sun from our Earthly perspective. At a Lunar eclipse, the Moon is in the shadow of the Earth and therefore can't reflect the light of the Sun. Lunar Eclipses are traditionally seen as a bad time for making decisions as there is probably relevant information that is yet to come to light. Solar Eclipses, on the other hand, are said to mark new beginnings. There are two sets of Eclipses this year.

The Lunar Eclipse on May 26th in Sagittarius is great for making new contacts and reaching out to others who can help you professionally. There are also likely to be surprise invitations and the chance of bumping into someone accidentally that could have an important effect on your life in the near future.

The Solar Eclipse of June 10th in Gemini is a continuation of the sociable atmosphere. You may find that one new acquaintance inspires new ideas and new directions. In fact, you may even be so overwhelmed with new ideas and projects you want to follow up that you don't know where to start. But this is exciting nevertheless!

The Lunar Eclipse on November 19th is in Taurus. The emphasis will be on the senses with this Moon. Taurus encourages us to 'stop and smell the roses,' which is not a bad thing. Sometimes the Lunar Eclipse can disrupt sleep patterns and result in feelings of tiredness. Don't push through them under this Moon but instead rest up as much as you possibly can.

The final Solar Eclipse of 2021 is in Sagittarius on December 4th. New contacts, whether professional, personal or even romantic that were made back in May will have reached the point where they are keepers or not. If anyone is not coming up to the mark by now, don't waste time trying to make the relationship work.