Following The Stars

Survive & Thrive 2021's Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury's three periods of retrograde motion throughout 2021 all take place in Air signs. As with all Mercury Retrograde periods there are a few ground rules to follow to help you stay on track. Mercury is linked to communications of all kinds: short regular journeys, childhood education, and brothers and sisters. Keep in mind communications could get confused, holdups could occur on regular commutes, and brothers and or sisters could require your attention. Also, while all things techie could go wrong now, it's advisable, if at all possible, to hold off purchasing replacements under Mercury Retrograde. And this also applies to automobiles — it's a really good time to do some research if you are thinking of replacing anything that comes under Mercury's domain.

January 30th — February 21st

This first period is in Aquarius, the sign of abstract thought, unconventional ideas and objective detachment. This is a great time for research as Mercury's Retrograde periods always are. This is a time to let your imagination roam free, especially if you are looking for a solution to a niggling and long-standing problem. After Mercury goes Direct on February 21st, it remains in its shadow until March 13th when things really become much clearer.

May 29th — June 22nd

This period is in Gemini, Mercury's favorite sign. It will be especially important to check and recheck appointments, dates and social engagements because, remember, things change at the last minute under Mercury Retrograde. With Mercury actually in Gemini, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new and interesting people and make contacts with those who will help you advance your career or educational prospects. Be open-minded and alert, even after it comes out of its shadow on July 8th.

September 27th — October 18th

The last period of 2021 is in the relationship sign Libra. There is a tendency to think that Libra as a sign is all sweetness and light because it is associated with diplomacy and harmony. However, Libra can be very determined and set on ensuring that harmony prevails at any cost!! So, while Mercury is Retrograde in this sign you may notice that certain people have the attitude that it's 'my way or the highway'! Diplomacy and conciliation may have to be on your side alone — because you have the inside Astrological info! Let others argue about details and sit back and wait until Mercury is released from its shadow on November 3rd.