The Health, Wealth and Happiness Forecast

One of the most valuable qualities of astrology is that it encourages a perspective that enables us to see beyond our immediate circumstances. Throughout her career as an astrologer, Bethea has pledged to help clients focus on and develop their own potential for happiness, creativity and success. "I firmly believe that this is what we're all put here to enjoy and to take advantage of... even if it takes some folks a little longer to recognize!" Bethea's aim is to help as many clients as she can gain understanding, insight and acceptance of their lives, in a way that's most beneficial for them.

"As an earth sign myself, I'm nothing if not practical in my approach — I want my clients to be able to use this information to their benefit. This is why I try to be as positive as possible in my forecasts, while simultaneously warning my clients of those periods when life could be a little less accommodating than we'd like. There are always going to be times when disappointment and dilemmas cloud the horizon, but astrology can help us all to understand the bigger picture." If you've never received one of these forecasts, we invite you to sign up and see for yourself! Try it for yourself... It's free!