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December 25, 20202 – Wishing All a Joyous Holiday and Happy New Year!

Ever since I was a child, I've felt like there was truly something magical about the holidays. Even now as an adult, I get excited when I see festive decorations and people out and about, shopping, baking, candy-making, celebrating, and planning trips to see friends and relatives. There's no doubt that it's a time of high activity, and while it can be fun, it can also be stressful. But mostly in a good way, like the anxiousness and excitement we feel as our holiday date comes closer and we know that we'll soon be in the company of friends and family we might not have seen in a while. So to combat holiday stress (or anxiousness), I'm suggesting a plan to help stay calm and collected throughout the holiday season.

The first thing is to be true to ourselves, and this includes taking care of ourselves. While most of us want the holidays to be a fun and warm experience, in actuality, we often go out of our way trying to please others by spending beyond our means, or taking on more family responsibilities than we can possibly handle. Becoming more practical with our time, energy, and money can only help us to make wiser choices, and take better care of ourselves in the process. So before you commit or make decisions right now, think about how much you can take on, whether it be a time commitment or a holiday expenditure.

If you find yourself feeling stressed or tired, just remember the basics! We all want to remain healthy. Get your sleep, eat healthy, and above all, avoid overindulging in alcohol and sugar. And be sure to exercise. Go for walks, dance to your favorite tunes, maybe even go caroling in your neighborhood or hit the gym to help your body release endorphins that make you feel better. Whenever you feel yourself becoming anxious or harried, take time out to meditate, or just breathe for a few moments.

Making conscious decisions about what you will and won't do this time of year will likely help to make your holiday season a much more pleasant one. The goal here is to enjoy this special time of year! So please accept my warmest wishes for a relaxed, joyous holiday and the happiest of new years! Blessings always!

Your Friend and Astrologer,