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August 23, 2022 – Summer's Almost Over... Get Out There and Play!

Now that the summer season only has about a month left, I think it's important to get outdoors as much as we can, weather permitting, before cold, frosty days once again become our seasonal norm. Naturally, fresh air and natural sunlight are good for us on many levels. Further, the outdoors seems to still be a safer option for connecting with friends and neighbors, rather than being cooped up together in close quarters.

I was just recently reminded of that fact while spending time in my backyard. I noticed a squirrel scurrying across the lawn and then saw a second squirrel running closely behind it. After watching them for a few moments, I deduced that the squirrels were engaged in a friendly chase... across the yard, up a tree, through the branches, and back down a different tree trunk. The furry little animals were a definite source of amusement, as they circled tree trunks while racing up, down, and sideways. And then strangely for whatever reason, they suddenly changed directions and the one who was being chased became the pursuer.

Watching these little animals reminded me of the importance of play. This is a common topic with clients, because all too easily we become wrapped up with our regular responsibilities, to-do lists, and busy schedules. As adults, we often need to be reminded to relax and set aside some well-needed "playtime," something children do instinctively. In fact, it's critical to our well-being to incorporate this kind of downtime into our daily routines.

The beauty of play is that it's not complicated, but some of us have forgotten how to do it! And sitting in front of a TV or a computer doesn't count! We can play organized sports, or enjoy creative or mental activities that call on our imaginations. Enjoying play and free time could also be something as simple as taking in nature's gifts, such as flowers in the garden, the lush colors of the leaves, or even just watching animals frolic! Such activities are good for our spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being.

Of course, each of us need to discover the best way to relax and enjoy play. I, myself, like picnics and long walks in nature with friends or even on my own. What's your preferred way to relax? I'm giving you a friendly challenge to bring play into your life before this sunny season ends. Experiment with a few ideas to see what suits you best! So, let yourself frolic, play, revel, dance, swing, swim, and engage in fun and games, and monkeyshines. And remember, you're only limited by your imagination. Blessings always!

Your Friend and Astrologer,