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April 28, 2022 - Accept the Negative and Adapt to Changing Situations!

If I had to sum up the following in a few phrases, I would say without hesitation, "learning to accept the bad," "adapting to changing situations," and "renewing your faith in and strengthening your relationships with others." Wow! That's a lot to digest, now that I see it in black and white. I don't know if the current global tensions or the continuing wave of the pandemic are responsible for this, but the fact remains, many are looking for support to get back on track. So I'd like to offer some tips that could be of great help.

First, forget the past: You have to live in the present. It's impossible to modify the past, often punctuated by events that can haunt us; hanging onto regrets about these events prevent us from living serenely, positively and, most importantly, with our feet firmly planted in the present and our sights set on the future. Living fully in the present moment allows us to appreciate life and the blessings it constantly offers us. It also helps us see what's ahead more clearly than miring ourselves in past regrets.

Second, believe in yourself: It isn't easy to stop looking to others for support and solely rely on our own convictions and judgment. But too often, we seek to satisfy everyone, either out of a need for love or a fear of rejection. Self-confidence requires patience and self-indulgence, but when this confidence kicks in, it becomes an invaluable force that allows us to face life in a much more positive and constructive way.

Third, appreciate what life has to offer: Nothing is perfect, so we need to learn to take advantage of every little moment that life offers us, and savoring the "now" that we live in is an indisputable remedy. Those who have gone through difficult trials should focus on this point. When previous circumstances have made us fear losing everything, focusing on what we have left, and using it as a point of support, can only be a help.

Fourth, forgive: Learning to forgive is a state of mind that frees us from the negative feelings that can inhabit us. Obviously, this isn't about condoning wrongdoing, but rather trying to figure out what motivated them. All the energy expended harboring resentment towards those who have hurt us is poisonous. Forgiveness comes when we realize that we're all human beings prone to err.

Finally, use your talents: Having a well-measured ambition, with the aim of bettering ourselves using our God-given unique gifts, is an extremely positive attitude, because that feeling of accomplishment that you'll get by completing an endeavor is an extremely inspiring and incentivizing force. It is, in fact, a gift that we offer ourselves, probably the most beautiful that can exist.

I hope these steps prove helpful to you when navigating rough patches in your life and serve to not only bring you a fresh perspective, but a plan for positive resolutions as well. Blessings and warm wishes to you always!