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March 28, 2022 - Stay Positive and Optimistic During Troubled Times!

In the face of current international tensions, many people find themselves speechless... And I'm one of them. Although the information we'd been receiving all converged on the outbreak of the Eastern European conflict, I couldn't get used to this idea and I firmly believed, in my heart of hearts, that this disaster would be avoided. But now we have to face the facts... Eternal wars that have strewn the history of humanity will keep repeating themselves again and again, it seems, without anyone being able to do anything about it, powerless as we all are in the face of this sad reality.

Basically, we only have one word left to keep us going: HOPE. When solutions aren't close at hand, when tensions escalate without any signs of immediate relief, and when a global hopelessness falls over us all, hope is most important to cling to, like a soothing balm on the heart.

And what goes hand in hand with hope, to my mind, is OPTIMISM. Overall, I find the majority of people I deal with to be optimists, which is always a healthful and hardy way to be. But I know that, recently, that optimism has been tested. Certainly, with the past year's health and economic issues, as well as current turmoil in Eastern Europe.

For that reason, I’m not surprised to have seen a shift away from the positive and optimistic attitudes I typically attribute to my clients. Maintaining a positive focus isn’t a given, particularly when confronted with the situations and circumstances that touch on our own health, well-being and security, and of all of those we love. That’s why I want to share with you one way to generate a positive outlook, especially during these tough times we’re still going through.

I would suggest doing a bit of what I call "self-projection," meaning, imagining yourself in the future, one, two or maybe three years from now... Imagine life finally returning to a normal we're all comfortable with, no masks, no health restrictions, no vaccines. Imagine a new world order where conflict is at a minimum, the global economy has levelled off, and people are finally giving peace a chance en masse. Keep this bright future in your mind as the light at the end of our global tunnel. It might be a long tunnel, but we have to remain hopeful and optimistic that we'll get to that light.

I hope my thoughts can help you to maintain a more optimistic frame of mind as we move toward a new month, a new season, and hopefully a new and improved world order. Blessings to you always!