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January 22, 2022 - Start Your New Year Attending to Your Needs!

As 2022 begins, I want you to focus on your own needs for a change! Now that certainly doesn't mean that you should ignore others or neglect your responsibilities. Not by any means! But it does mean that you are going to spend time to consider your needs and do your best to meet them, especially right now when we're dealing with so much.

If you are having difficulty focusing on just yourself, here are some suggestions. Think about the things that bring you joy! Spend more time on a hobby or favorite pastime. Or, think about the things you would like to try, even if it's something you may have to wait to do in the way that you'd like to. It could be something you do on your own or with others. For example, if it's about exercise, what kind of exercise makes you happy, or gets you going? Or, if you feel drawn to some quiet or relaxation time, you could take up meditation, try yoga or just quieten your mind and body listening to soothing music. Only you can decide what is best for you at this challenging time.

Sometimes even the small things can make a big difference, like buying yourself fresh flowers on a regular basis or setting aside 15 minutes every day that are just for you. Whatever you choose, be sure that it satisfies your body, mind, or spirit and leaves you feeling uplifted. The point of this "exercise" is to make your needs a priority.

Moreover, looking after yourself in a manner that actually helps you to better deal with this trying period we are traversing helps you to be more present with others. It sets an example for those you would like to help and, even better, it gives them permission to take care of themselves, too.

So, my suggestion to you is to do at least one thing to take better care of yourself this year. I hope you'll seriously consider my advice as you go through your Health, Wealth, and Happiness forecast, and think about the things you want to bring into your life this year. I support your efforts all the way.

I want you to start the year off as grounded and as stable as you can be. That is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. Allow yourself to be where you are.