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December 15, 2021 - Realize Your Resolutions!

As we're now in the middle of the holiday festivities, I want to bring up the topic of New Year's resolutions. You may find it a little early, but I think it's important to give thought to the goals and projects we are serious about taking on - whether we make them official or work on them quietly on our own. Promises to lose the extra ten pounds, get serious about an exercise routine, become better organized, or make changes to our professional lives may be well intentioned, but if we are truly serious about them, it's important to set reasonable goals and develop a plan of action to get them going. So, before you make your 2022 resolutions, let's put serious thought into them.

Start by focusing on the things you want to change. If you have a few options, make a list and prioritize them, being realistic about the ones you're ready to take on. Limit that number to no more than two so that you can direct your energy and set yourself up to succeed.

Next, you need a realistic plan to put into place. You have a couple of weeks to think it over. A good goal-setting practice is to plan in enough detail to keep a forward momentum. We need to do more than just decide to get fit and expect it to happen.

Think about the progression that will lead you to realizing your goal. For example, how do you plan to get fit? Will you be walking, riding a bike, hitting the gym? How much time are you willing and able to devote to your new fitness regime, and when will you work exercise time into your weekly schedule? Thinking about these steps beforehand makes it easier to achieve your desired goal. This same process goes for anything you choose to do, from losing weight to remodeling the den.

Something else that helps to set a goal in motion is to imagine it as if it has already happened. This is called visualization. It may sound a bit silly, but seeing your goals realized in your mind's eye, it helps you to become more aware of the steps you need to take to reach your goal. At the same time, imagining that you have already achieved your goal, gives you some positive energy that could help you feel more resolute about your plan.

With a little planning and forethought, you could be well on your way to making your resolution(s) a reality. I want you to be able to obtain these goals with ease, grace, peace, joy and laughter...

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!