Bethea's Blog

June 30, 2021 - Sometimes We Just Need to Take the Time!

This morning I spent a good half hour in my garden, with nothing to do but focus on the present moment. I suppose some might say that I was communing with the flowers, and that would be true, but it was more than that. I was thoroughly enjoying the rainbox of color a summer garden brings along with all the lovely smells, and best of all, in those moments I wasn't thinking about anything else! No thoughts of the past interrupted my joy and no worries of future calamities claimed space in my head.

In essence, I was fully present in the moment, and it was a lovely, grounded feeling. I have discovered that when I am able to stay in the present, I feel more calm and relaxed, and happy. Even though there are certainly still things in my life that are far from perfect, in those moments, those issues or situations don't seem as important and aren't taking up space in my head.

When we are upset and worried, our thoughts can become preoccupied with some bothersome incident, or we could find ourselves fretting about something over which we have little or no control. In actuality, we have little control over many things except perhaps the present moment when we can make choices. In theory, we can choose what we want to focus on, and more often than not, those thoughts can be things that can't be changed, situations that haven't happened yet, or whatever happens to be going on in the present moment, which hopefully we can enjoy and make the most of.

Of course, like most of us, I seldom have the luxury of taking a block of time out of my day for the simple goal of enjoying the here and now. But I have found that it helps to take a few moments each day, better yet, several times a day if possible, to just stop and be. That process alone really helps me to keep a positive frame of mind. When you really and think about it, it is a very simple practice to give your attention solely to the wonders and abundance around you in that given moment.

How often do we take the opportunity to be happy for the fact that we are alive and breathing and that the people we care about are doing the same. I encourage you to take a few moments today just enjoying where you are and what you are doing! Try it and see how you feel!