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April 28, 2021 - The Merry, Merry Month of May!

May is magical, or at least it is for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. It's when Mother Nature puts on her yearly show of nature reborn, otherwise known as spring! And the natural world does seem to “spring” to life with bare tree branches sprouting green leaves almost overnight and flowers spreading their vibrant color and sweet natural fragrance. I find myself feeling a surge of extra energy as well. That is why, I think this month is the ideal time to really move forward with new projects, new interests, or just a new direction that may be tugging at us.

One of my favorite things about May is seeing the ducklings and goslings. The baby waterfowl are often awkward at first as they try to get accustomed to their natural movements and to their winged body gear. They have an energy and zest that reminds me of the enthusiasm expressed with every new endeavor. I think that our own starts and initial attempts can often be awkward. When we are venturing into our own uncharted waters,, our success may not seem guaranteed. But no matter the conditions, it is important to commit to follow our passions and gut feelings.

We're all familiar with the stories of those whose lives have taken incredible trajectories while being pulled by their passion, energy and enterprise. Think about Apple's Steve Jobs, who supposedly built his first computer in his garage, or media giant Oprah Winfrey who, from a poor southern family, managed to get a scholarship to college where she studied communications. I have really enjoyed watching her amazing journey and what she has done with it! Or what about Mark Zuckerberg who, along with his college roommate, started what would become Facebook while both were still students. These are extraordinary examples of success. While most of us will not obtain such acclaim, we can all find fulfillment and energy by connecting to our own aspirations and energy.

Whenever we start something new, we have a drive that is hard to beat. We throw ourselves wholeheartedly into our endeavors. We might cut back on our sleep, take time away from daily chores, and even rush through meals. During these periods, our focus may be less on our daily maintenance, and more on seeding our plans and projects that we want to put into action.

I want to remind you that our own new beginnings need tending to and nurturing just like little seedlings. We need to water and nourish them from tiny seeds of thought and imagination to the full flowering and blossoming of our glorious aspirations. I hope you will refer to your Health, Wealth and Happiness Forecast for advice and guidance throughout the week in the different areas of your life. Most importantly, I want you to focus on your passion and drive this month! In the words of Oprah Winfrey:

"What I know is, that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come."

Happy May! Let us celebrate new beginnings and doing what we love most in life!