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Jan 13 2021 - A New Year's State of Mind!

Our state of mind is directly affected by our environment. Since last spring, we've experienced a major public health threat around the globe and, as a result, economic and social issues have arisen in many parts of the planet and many economies are currently facing tough times. However, on a positive note, progress is being made in terms of the vaccines being tested, developed and distributed to combat this threat, demonstrating how interconnected we humans are.

This last thought is inspiring because focusing on our interconnectedness and trying to establish hope and peace are ideal ways to begin the year. However, the seeds for peace and hope begin inside of us. We need to connect with that part of ourselves and then, like a rippling effect, it spreads outward to those around us... our family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and more. These positive thoughts, which we so desperately need at this time, are taken in, assimilated and then sent off to be shared in different directions. This is how positive thoughts and energy are spread, but we have to begin with ourselves!

There are ways to invite the positive into our life. One way is to look after ourselves and give ourselves what we need. We need to be extra gentle, patient and compassionate with ourselves and others. It's important to eat healthy, get proper rest and exercise, follow the recommended health protocols and make time for the quiet activities that enrich your inner life, such as yoga, meditation or prayer.

Once we've attended to our own needs, we are ready to share with those around us. Spending quality time as best we can with the ones we love can touch their lives as well as our own. So, let's make an effort in our relationships with family and friends to communicate honestly and with love. Such actions can heal old wounds and forge new bonds, which are based on love and respect. This behavior, in turn, helps to create peacefulness and calmness in both ourselves and others.

As human beings, it is good to remember those who are struggling and/or experiencing rough times. Let's consider volunteering or helping out as best we can now or donate clothing and other items to those who are less fortunate. Those we help won't be the only ones to benefit from our good deeds. By giving of ourselves, we generate positive energy that will be reflected back to us many times over.

In the same way that fear and anger can be contagious, so can love, peace and harmony. By taking care of ourselves and focusing on the positives in our life and the world, we help to spread peace, hope and love.

Let's focus on the solutions before us and try to create a peaceful and healthy year, all year long!