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November 1, 2020 - Every Voice Should Have Its Say!

There's no question that all eyes are on America right now and have been with the many twists taken by the current U.S. Presidential Election. So many social and economic issues are on the table and this charged election seems to have divided the country. I have a good number of friends and clients in the states, many of whom have shared their strong feelings about it.

It's unfortunate to hear such negative sentiment and doubt being expressed about the candidates and the voting process. However, on a positive note, it's truly uplifting to hear that so many people across the country are voting this year and that different ways to vote are now available to the American public. I'm reading about long lines across the country and I like seeing that type of conviction in all citizens exercising their civic power.

Every vote is important and every single vote counts. We have to believe that, even when single ballots are thrown in with millions of others. It's all those single ballots cast by individuals such as yourself and those around you who make up the millions of ballots in any election. In the U.S., that number of ballots is substantial with over 325 million people in the 50 states. That's five times larger than the U.K.'s population of roughly 66 million! Another reason that voting is so important — and history has shown that — is that elections on the local, state and even national levels can be won or lost by fewer than a hundred votes! You can bet that you vote really counts in those circumstances.

Regardless of your status, beliefs or party affiliation, I encourage all to exercise their precious privilege and right to vote in this election and every election. We should do it for ourselves, our loved ones and our community!