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August 5, 2020 - Retrograde Planets Can Help Us to Find Clarity!

I know the world feels crazy right now. Many clients have asked about how the stars are currently influencing us. There's no question that planetary configurations are affecting the stress and upheaval we're currently experiencing, not just on a personal level, but on national and global ones as well. I can assure you that this isn't the first time we've experienced such astrological intensity. However, the stars aren't to blame for our circumstances. I also firmly believe that we have an opportunity now to rectify and reset the imbalances and tensions we're confronting, both personally and collectively. And if we were able to do that, then we'd be in a much better position to move forward, liberated from past situations and institutions that have been weighing on us and are no longer useful.

Let me explain. Four planets are currently in retrograde (Pluto, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter). Retrograde is a common term in Astrology, and is used to describe a planet's traveling motion. When a planet is retrograde, it's as if it were moving backward in the sky. While it's not actually moving backward, it's going back over a path it covered previously. Astrologers view this as if the planet were going back over situations from the past and, in the process, presenting us with opportunities to tackle and resolve past issues that are no longer benefiting us. If you consider a retrograde period in this respect, then it can be an extremely constructive time. There are times in life when we need to revisit situations in order to fix or reset them so that can move on.

With the four planets in retrograde simultaneously until mid and late September, when two of them - Saturn and Jupiter - go direct respectively, it's an opportune time to review our past. How did we get to where we currently are? Are ghosts from our past catching up with us? Are there things or situations we need to change or liberate ourselves from? Is there a certain habit or relationship that we've outgrown and need to let go of?

I encourage you to take time out this summer to reflect on your life and think about how you can make it better. Take stock of what's serving you well and what isn't and then do some housecleaning. You can liken it to cleaning out your closet. Maybe some clothing is outdated or no longer fits and can be given away… maybe some items need tailoring… or maybe you'll even find clothing you'd forgotten about and can start wearing again! We all need to clean house occasionally, both our homes and our lives! And if ever there was a time to set something right, this is it!