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July 1, 2020 - We're all in This Together!

I feel aligned with my clients more than ever right now. Despite the fact that I'm in the U.K. and many clients are in the U.S., we all seem to be living the same reality, confronted with the same challenges and perils. Of course, it's not just our two countries. Continents and countries worldwide are battling this virus and the havoc it's wreaking on their populations and economies. The situation is all very unsettling, and it's natural that so many of us are wondering about the future at this critical moment in our history.

That said, I have to admit that deep down I feel a sense of hope. It helps knowing that we are all in this together, fighting the same challenges or similar versions of it. I've been thinking about my parents' stories about living through WWII, which was devastating to the U.K., and to many countries for that matter. While the U.K. suffered tremendously from the incessant bombings as well as the war casualties, my parents spoke more about the unity that held the country together at that time than of the difficulties they lived through.

Adversity can bring people together and certainly did during the War, with many countries banding together. For example, Britain took in a large of number of refugees from continental Europe, and thousands of Jewish children from Nazi Germany and Eastern Europe were placed in foster care throughout the U.K. for the course of the war. Obviously, the U.S. played a tremendous and invaluable role in helping to win the war. It's these kinds of ties that unite people and bring them together. As the famous saying goes, "United we stand, divided we fall."

I know that internally both the U.S. and the U.K. are confronting our own struggles right now. However, as an Astrologer, I like to think that if we can put our energies into addressing and resolving our personal struggles first (those in our homes, our relationships and our places of work) then we'll be in a better position to tackle issues on the outside.

I know there are changes we all want to make to our lives and dreams we want to realize. I want to help my clients to do that! Let's start by tackling those areas that you do have some control over! And let's don't' forget that we're all in this together!