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June 10, 2020 - Astrology Focuses on What Makes Us Tick!

I'm thinking about all my clients in the U.S. right now and the turmoil that's roiled the country over the past three months, but particularly the protest that have erupted over the last two weeks. I know that deep political, economic and racial divisions are playing out, with intense unrest on both sides. I feel for all who are suffering from this situation, especially those who have lost their lives as a result of racial tension, along with their friends and families who have lost loved ones. May some sense of equanimity be established soon so that the whole country can move forward.

Racial tension isn't limited to the U.S., and I find it surprising and encouraging that so many people around the world are now speaking out about racism and economic inequalities in their own communities and countries. I feel this reaction shows how connected we really are. None of these issues are new, but I hope we begin to see some movement and resolution so that all people everywhere can live in peace.

I am happy to say that astrology is blind to factors such as race and culture, and in some ways that makes it easier to ignore these differences. When I am working on an online client's natal chart, typically I just have their name and birth information. Naturally, at times I can draw conclusions about a client's surname or a particular exotic birthplace, but that's not really what interests me.

The things that fascinate me is what a client's birth chart reveals about their inner workings... what drives them... what are their connections and relationships to self, family, partners, friends and coworkers. How does that individual build financial and/or emotional security? Where are the tensions in their life and how do they tackle them? What comes easy to them? Where do they find joy? And perhaps most importantly, how can I help my clients understand and deal with the trickier aspects of their lives.

Birth charts are rich in information that's unique to each one of us. They are like a map or portrait of our inner world. Depending on how the planets are positioned in our natal charts, this personal map or portrait can reveal the differences and similarities to the natal charts of others. This situation might explain in part why we get along so well with some people and are challenged by others. Now, if we could only find the ability to appreciate our similarities and embrace our differences! That's something we could all stand to work on!