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April 15, 2020 - Remember Compassion, Remember Community!

We are living through a period when we are reminded more than ever just how much we need other people, even when we simultaneously have to be careful of our contact with others. Last week, I shared a story about a young woman who was offering to help older citizens with their grocery shopping because they are at greater risk of going outside than she is.

I remember my mother often taking soup or bread or vegetables to an elderly woman who lived down the street from us. My mom told her that it was extra food that she didn't want to waste. But of course, she knew the old woman lived on a tiny pension and could afford very little.

I also remember my grandmother speaking about "victory or war gardens," which apparently date back to WWI and WWII and popped up in many countries around the world. These gardens, which developed out of a necessity in individual communities, were tended and shared within local neighborhoods. Fruits and vegetables were planted wherever there was spaceā€¦ rooftops, fire escapes, empty lots, backyards, parks, etc. Communities working together to support and feed one another.

In our case, we are obviously not at war in the traditional sense, but we are in the midst of fighting a virus that is affecting us on a global level. Many of us are struggling to stay afloat, keep food on the table, and/or even to keep a roof over our heads. It is important now that we all pull together to help each other get through these challenging times.

Ideally, we should be thinking of ways to take constructive action for ourselves and those around us. We need to create safety and stability in our communities. Being able to extend help to those who need it not only makes us feel better about our own life, but also give us an even stronger sense of our community - and that is how we all win!

I hope you will take these thoughts to heart in your own life. And I also hope you're following the local protocol in your area and doing all you can do to stay safe and healthy.