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April 3, 2020 - Brad & Jen: Their Stars... Their Connection

Love is a constant and, in my line of work, I say that without hesitation. I'm approached on a daily basis by clients with questions about jobs and professions, finances, real estate and, obviously at the moment... COVID-19. But love remains the number one topic for clients both young and mature!

Undoubtedly a complicated organ, the human heart has an infinite number of ways to express love, some of which are more harmonious than others. I'm continually fascinated by how love and relationships are revealed through a client's natal chart, or even better, through the two individual charts that belong to a couple. These charts show the astrological love compatibility.

Recently, I decided to take a look at the astrological compatibility between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Back in the day, when they first became a topic, I thought of them as "America's Sweethearts." His Sagittarian Sun and her Aquarian Sun make for a very companionable aspect. And his Sun "conjunct"; — meaning next to — her Moon gives their relationship a kind of magical quality.

The Sun and Moon are ancient astrological and alchemical symbols of masculinity and femininity. So, in this case, he's her ideal man, and she's his ideal woman. What more could a couple ask for?! And Brad's Jupiter, planet of warmth and protection, conjuncts her Venus, planet of love and attraction. These are all indications of a strong attraction and mutual deep love. Saturn connections between the two charts enhance this relationship with potential longevity. Interestingly, they got together around the time of Jen's Saturn Return. (FYI: Our Saturn Return occurs at the end of our twenties and marks a period when important life changing events and decisions take place.)

Everything in their marriage seemed perfect, including their lavish Malibu wedding, at least until Brad met Angelina Jolie, a capricious Gemini with a smoldering lunar-ruled Cancer ascendant. Brad and Jen split and both eventually remarried. Jen has since divorced, and Brad is three years separated, but still needs to finalize his divorce.

Recently, the two were suddenly jettisoned back into the public eye during the Hollywood award season, with the media hedging bets on a possible love reunion. It may be too soon to say if they will gravitate back to one another, but their charts show some significant movement ahead, and some of it could be together!

Since 2013, Brad has been dealing with a Pluto transit to his Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Capricorn, which can be rough. However, he recently won his first individual Oscar as Best Supporting Actor, possibly a result of his Jupiter, which is also in Capricorn and a bringer of joy and opportunity.

Brad's Capricorn Venus is very close to Jen's IC, the lowest point of a chart. This astrological connection between his Venus and the deepest and most secret part of Jen's chart is part of what gave their relationship such a fated quality. This April, the first of three powerful Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in 2020 contacts this mutual point on their charts, possibly highlighting the intimacy and depth between them. There will be two additional conjunctions at this same point at the end of June and in November.

Mars transiting through Aries from the end of June until January 2021 will definitely put fire in Jen's belly. Her career will be busy and she will be more assertive about what she wants both professionally and personally. In the meantime, Mars will be shaking up Brad's home life and possibly forcing him to express and understand his deep-seated thought and behavior patterns. He's getting older and his second Saturn return occurs in early 2022. He could well be ready for a serious connection that puts more emphasis on compatibility than excitement.

And finally, the most fascinating event in their charts is the Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius on the 14th of December 2020. This eclipse is right on Brad's Sun and Jen's Moon and could indeed help to rekindle their relationship, if they want to be together! But that question remains unanswerable for now. The stars can show opportunities, but can't make things happen. They can, however, set the stage! It's a welcome diversion to think about rekindling a romance, especially when it's written in the stars!