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March 18, 2020 - Hardships and Challenges are Part of Life, but also Opportunities to Grow!

We're undoubtedly being challenged right now on many levels... locally, nationally and globally. The threat to the health and well-being of people around the world, access to quality medical care and the economic hardships brought on by this virus are critical concerns for everyone. That's why this week I've decided to write about transforming our difficult or trying experiences into valuable experiences for our future successes.

Hardships are stressful, but they're also a natural part of life's ebb and flow. We're often put to the test during challenging times. I remember my parents' and grandparents' stories about what they lived through when they were younger. Hardships cause us to reprioritize our lives, giving us the opportunity to consider what's important to us and remind us not to take those things for granted. Personal coaches and psychologists agree that valuable lessons that benefit us in the end are learned during such periods.

Hardships can serve to strengthen our relationships and communities. In times of need, people tend to pull together: It's a survival instinct. Interestingly, in this instance, we're being advised to keep our distance from others for fear of spreading this illness. That said, we need to be careful and attentive to those who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Let's also be cognizant of the people on the front lines, such as our healthcare providers, first responders and everyone keeping these services running. Most importantly, we need to remember that we're in this together and should look after one another as much as we can.

Hardships also force us to be more innovative by pushing us in new directions to overcome obstacles, and encouraging us to become more flexible and determined. And finally, hardships can be humbling, reminding us that we're vulnerable and human, just like everyone around us.

I hope that my thoughts will help relieve some of your current worries. We're all living through this together. It's important to look after yourself and those dear to you and, if you can, check in on those who are older or alone. And don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for all that you're dealing with. I think we all need that encouragement and support right now.