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My fascination with astrology began when I was a teenager but it deepened after a prolonged period of personal & professional difficulties in the late 80’s.  Looking for answers I decided to find out more and enrolled at the Faculty for Astrological Studies in London. The more I learned, the more convincing I found astrology as both an art and strategy for understanding myself and others.

From here I began to give astrological readings to friends and family which encouraged me to commit myself professionally. The one-to-one exploration of a client’s horoscope is still a satisfying and valuable component of my work.

As I grew in confidence and increased my profile, opportunities to branch out came my way. I was invited to write magazine articles and columns and penned a book called The Art of Astrology which has recently been reprinted.

I believe the real value of astrology is how it helps us to navigate the tricky periods in our lives and gain insight and understanding into achieving true happiness. In my work with clients, I also draw on other esoteric disciples such as Tarot and dowsing in order to create a fuller picture of their future potential.

My goal was and is to use my knowledge & experience to help the person reading  my words or sitting in front of me to become everything he or she was destined to be.

Yours hopefully,


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