About Bethea

Bethea was spellbound when she first experienced the wonders and practicalities of astrology. Little did she know that it would take her on a life-changing journey and, in the process, offer her a captivating profession that continues to marvel and engage her heart and mind. "Once I understood the power of astrology to help and heal myself, I knew it was my duty to use it for the benefit of others." She threw herself head on into learning about the field and was accepted into the prestigious Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Early on as a student, she came to understand the value of creating and studying birth charts and horoscopes, which she considered virtual life maps for the chart holders.

Bethea has spent the past 30 years working as a professional astrologer, preparing personal readings for her clientele and researching, writing and lecturing on her studies and analyses of the movement of planets. "I feel so blessed to have had such an engrossing profession that explores and anticipates the human drive and spirit and seeks to understand the very depths of our souls."

Today, Bethea no longer lives in London, but has moved to a quieter setting along the coast. She continues to concentrate her energies on research and private consultations, but the majority of her focus is dedicated to her online Health, Wealth and Happiness Forecast.

"While some say that astrology is a science, and there's a huge wealth of instruction and knowledge about its origins and meaning available for us to absorb, I believe that what happens between the astrologer and client is a private and sacred experience. It isn't possible for me to see everyone individually, which is why I offer a personal forecast that goes directly to your email inbox. I take as much time and care with this as I possibly can.


"Hello Bethea. I just want to say thank you for everything you do for me. There have been numerous times when I have felt lost and hopeless until I open your email. Your words give me much needed inspiration in trying times. ... You have never given up on me and it means a lot." — D.W. July 20, 2020

"Thank you so much, Bethea, for all your help, your support, and your encouraging words and emails." — N.W. June 3, 2020

"Thank you, Bethea. I enjoy reading your predictions." — Peter June, 23, 2020